Baby & Children Knitwear

Pat, Fran & Pam (3 sisters) Baby & Children’s Handknits & Crocheting

We sell hand knitted and crocheted matinee jackets and cardigans for newborn to a 26 inch chest, in white, pink, blue, lemon and pale green. We also provide matching bootees and white mittens for newborn babies. Also available are jackets with hoods in sizes up to 26 inch chest.

Our stock also includes crocheted shawls, cot/pram covers and our unique crocheted “bowler hat” style hats.

Our stall started with Sister Pat selling knitted items at St Mary’s Church bazaar and it grew from there. The two other sisters Fran and Pam joined her and as the stock grew we looked further afield via Craft Fairs to sell our goods.

What we enjoy most is firstly creating our wares and then seeing our stall visitors smile when they come up to our stall. So many of them have said how beautiful our goods are, which is so rewarding.

The thing that motivates and inspires us is making the best items we can. Our rule of thumb is that if it is not as perfect as we can make it, we do not put it o the stall. Also if we would not buy it ourselves, it does not go on!!

Nothing frustrates us – we take it all in our stride.

We sell our wares at the Guild fairs and occasional independently- run fairs within a 15 mile radius of Peterborough.

We do not want to expand -we are happy with what we have now.

We promote ourselves by business cards which are on the stall, the Guild’s very impressive website and leave the rest to word of mouth.

The most important thing on our wish-list for our craft is that the buyers are please with their purchases and that they give pleasure to the recipient. (Lots of our items are bought as presents).

The only advise we could possibly give anyone doing what we do is to enjoy it, otherwise it is not worth all the hard work.

Our thoughts that we would share with our fellow crafters is – enjoy your craft, enjoy the events and being willing to help members of the Guild in any way you can.

We will be attending the Stamford Artisans Guild fairs at the Stamford Arts Centre and the other craft event we are attending this year is on 7 April at Peterborough Town Hall from 10am to 3pm.

We do not sell through any retail outlets.

If you wish to contact Pam, Fran & Pat for bespoke children’s knitwear please leave a message on this page, or you can email / call them on the contact details on the image.

Contact Details - Baby and Children Knitting and Crocheting

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